Hi, my name is Okpara Cynthia chiwendu. My phone number is 09065533201. My email is Please i want to know if there is a vacant for the post of…

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Food nd nut

Hi, my name is Okenwa chidera. My phone number is 09021588264. My email is Pls grant me admission in to this much is our for registrtion or accpetance…

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Book Request

Hi, my name is Ugonabo Mariet. My phone number is 08158886547. My Email is Please I wish to gift a book to a friend from your shop. The name…

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Conveyer belt

Hi, my name is Chizoba Aikhionbare. My Phone: 08098173354. My  Email: I am looking for this machine that lowers the corpse into the grave without using ropes.

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Hi, my name is Chisom. My phone number is 08065344023.  Email: Please how may I fix my advert with you people???

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Culinary school

Hello, My name is Iwu Olivia Munachimso. My Phone number is 08145342290. My Email: Please I need names of culinary school where i can learn to cook  

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