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Jetcintel Academy (Montessori Nursery and Primary ) school offers good academic foundation required for the development of children in the understanding of the world around . Establishment of the school was born out of zeal and vision to bring smart, fearless and better future leaders. The proprietor has pioneered the opening of some great schools which are in existence today, and held many positions during her secondary and tertiary years in Students Unions. She holds Degree in Educational Management and Planning, Masters degree in Educational Measurements and Evaluation and has also taught in all levels of nursery and primary school under public and private sectors. The school has Children's parliamentary training package where children are groomed to be smart, eloquent and argue with good flow of reasoning.

Her first bill Urged THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO BAN THE USE OF PHONE BY CHILDREN UNDER 15 YEARS OF AGE. This motion attracted the attention of the leadership of Imo state House of Assembly led by Rt Hon. Acho Ihim. The 2nd bill was to PLACE TEACHERS IN THE FORE FRONT OF OTHER PROFESSIONALS. In our parliamentary training, we make our children to be smart, eloquent and unintimative. Our first debate was about the Federal Government banning the use of cell phones by children under fifteen years of age.

Jetcintel Academy in her very first External Examinations, had merrit in 2020 National Common Entrance, 1st position in another two organized Common Entrances in Ebonyi and Imo States.

– Proprietress

our mission

To help the pupils /.......................


Training tommorow's Leaders who will be honest and have respect for the need of the governed without being influenced or intimidated.


1. Honesty
2. Hardwork

the schools we run

our schools

Listed below are the schools we run at Jetcintel Academy


School Hours

8am – 4pm (Mon – Thurs)
8am – 3pm (Fri)


School Hours

8am – 4pm (Mon – Thurs)
8am – 3pm (Fri)


School Hours

8am – 4pm (Mon – Thurs)
8am – 3pm (Fri)

Parliamentary Training

School Hours

8am – 4pm (Mon – Thurs)
8am – 3pm (Fri)


our facilities

Listed below are some of the facilities present in our school


Standby generators (Big and Small)

ICT Center


Interactive White Boards

Condusive learning environment with well equipped playground facilities

Modern Toilets

School bus

Condusive classrooms

Children's parliament

JETCINTEL ACADEMY Children's parliament (Hallow Chamber of the young) learn and practice these

Listening, Planning, Getting on with people, Communication and presentational skills.

(B) Practice these BEHAVIOR :
-Being respectful of the needs of others. -Compassion -Being fair and -Thinking things through. -Taking care of the people and places around us

(C) They practice these values:
-Honesty: We are truthful and open to the views and experiences of others.
-Respect: Both for the views of others and that no-one should ever feel small or stupid
-Diversity: We are different and we are equal
-Empathy: We can understand others by putting ourselves in their shoes
-Participation: It is everyone’s right to have their say and to take part
-Social Justice: We must do what we can to make the world a better place for ourselves and for others. -Action: If something is wrong we try to change it.
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Jetcintel Academy in her very first External Examinations, had merrit in 2020 National Common Entrance 1st position in another two organized Common Entrance in Ebonyi and Imo

how we admit

admission requirements / procedure

Below are the steps we take to admit students into our school

School Entrance Exam.

Purchase and completion of admission forms.

School prospectus to be issued to candidates after successful exam.


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Current Academic Session

2019 / 2020

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No. 3 Onyebuchi Onyeikegbulam Crescent, Area L, World Bank, Owerri, Imo State