Make money daily by just recommending Takooka to businesses and service providers. Also get paid the sum of N1,500 when you introduce people to Takooka as affiliates.

How It Works

As our Affiliate, all you need to do to get paid is to recommend Takooka to business owners or  service providers. If you recommend Takooka to a business owner or a service provider and he/she eventually pays for any of our Advert Packages, you will get paid 20% of whatever amount the client paid. It’s that simple. You will also get paid the sum of N1,500 for each person you introduce to Takooka as an affiliate.

Steps To Become An Affiliate

Earning money from Takooka is easy. It only involves 3 steps.
Completing these steps qualifies you as an Affiliate


Register on the platform by filling the Registration form. Tell us about yourself and provide us with the necessary information needed to keep intouch with you.


After completing the registration form, next is to pay the subscription fee of N3,000. You can pay on our platform directly with your Debit/Credit Card (ATM Card). You can also make payment to our Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) account. Once your payment is confirmed, we will send you a confirmatory message with your Referral Code.


After receiving your Referral Code, it is now time for you to start making money from Takooka. Recommend Takooka to business owners and service providers by giving them your Referral Code. You will get paid 20% of what the client you referred pays for our product or service. You will also get paid the sum of N1,500 for anyone to introduce to Takooka as an affiliate.

Frequently asked questions.

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Committed to respecting your privacy.

 We need a valid Bank Account Details with which we can pay you your commissions or earnings.

It depends on you. You can make upto N200,000 monthly from Takooka as an affiliate.

Yes. Becoming an affiliate requires you to pay a one time affiliate fee of N3,000 only.

Affiliate marketing is a system that enables anyone to make money by just referring people and businesses to a platform.

Takooka's Money Back Plan

Get back your registration money from Takooka

Are You A Business or Company Already On Takooka?
You Can Get Back Your Subscription Fee (Sign-Up Fee) just by Recommending Takooka Businesses (Companies) by becoming an Affiliate.

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